Fast Facts

Hi, I’m Sonal. I’m a sweet-tea-drinking, college-football-watching Southerner with an East Indian twist. A city-dweller who loves escaping to the beach and mountains.  A 20something newlywed sharing a home in Houston with my husband and our two dogs.


I am a  freelance photographer. I’ve always loved the arts. I’ve dabbled in painting, dance, music, knitting, art journals, etc. Photography is the one medium I’m drawn back to again and again. My parents gave me my first film camera as a kid. Although I was just shooting family snapshots, I couldn’t wait to get my prints back from the Walmart photo lab. These days a DSLR is more my style. I love shooting with natural light, but I also enjoy working with strobes and speedlites. My favorite subjects are food, my dogs, my travel adventures, and live music. I welcome constructive criticism from photographers and non-photographers alike. If you’re interested in commissioning some photographs, drop me a line.

The Blog

My blog is a hodgepodge of my daily life and travel adventures. I’m a self-proclaimed internet connoisseur so I like to share the funny videos, interesting articles, and informative posts I find along the way. My hope is to capture a record for myself while also sharing helpful resources for other photographers and creative-types.

Favorite Things

Social Media

Twitter @TehSonz
Instagram TehSonz
Tumblr Tehsonz

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