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Day 11/Naples, Italy

aka The Great Pompeii Adventure

Naples_Italy_003[Day ten was our second and last day at sea.]

My new husband and I arrive in Naples, Italy on a bright, beautiful day. We see several people hopping into taxes, but we figure we’ll try the subway. We’re worldly people. We can handle public transportation. The plan is to take the subway to the main train station. Then we’ll hop on a train and head to Pompeii.  At the end of the docks is a map of the surrounding area. After regarding the the map we take off in the direction of the subway. No wait, it’s that way. No, it’s definitely this way. We walk past the sign roughly one hundred times. Finally heading in the, for sure, right direction, we’re on our way. We got this!

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Interior Design Showroom

interior design

I spent a morning shooting new showroom items . Design House is an interior design studio and showroom located at the Houston Design Center. I always enjoy working with other creatives. Now I have the urge to fill my new home with beautiful furniture and art. (Not that I didn’t before, but it’s worse now. Believe me.)