Goodbye To Carrying A Billion Cards

It’s no secret that I’m a gadget lover. I’m also deeply inspired by creative entrepreneurs and innovative inventors. I have funded a few Kickstarter projects to date and have loved the experience. I get something new, fresh, and inventive while helping support individuals with big goals and even bigger dreams.

Today, I’d like to share Only Coin. Between my credit cards, joint cards with my husband, debit cards, membership cards, discount cards, and gift cards, I have roughly eleventy bajillion cards. I even pick my wallets by how many credit card slots they have plus I carry a separate card case. Only Coin combines all your credit, debit, membership/discount, and gift cards into one electronic swipe-able card. Goodbye overstuffed wallet! It can even alert you via your cell phone if you’ve left your card behind! Perfect for forgetful husbands. 🙂

Only Coin is offering a 50% discount for pre-orders for a limited time. Check it out and take advantage of this deal before it runs out!

Disclaimer: The link above includes my referral code. Please leave the code intact if you want to help support this site. If not you can use this link.

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