Day 1/Rome, Italy

Over the next few weeks I will be recapping my (our) honeymoon. That’s right! Since my last post here on {TehSonz}, I have married, moved, and spent almost two weeks over seas.

Technically Rome could be considered day two of the honeymoon seeing as we left Atlanta Wednesday and did not reach the Fiumicino airport until Thursday. Unfortunately we could not get a direct flight from Atlanta to Rome so we had a layover in JFK on Wednesday. For some reason, we were put on an Alitalia flight from there to Rome even though we booked Delta flights. While the airplane itself was nice, we were unable to pick our seats online before the flight so we got stuck in the very back of the plane and almost missed out on having seats together. It seemed a little suspicious that all the Americans were shoved in the back of the plane. And the food, oh jeez. I am a lover of new cuisines, but the weird in-flight Italian? food was awful and left me feeling terrible for two days. Definitely the closest I’ve ever been to tossing my cookies on a plane. In the future if I’m stuck flying Alitalia, I’ll bring my own food!

Our arrival in Rome was not without its hiccups as well. We booked our pre- and post- travel arrangements through the same agent that handled our cruise arrangements. We were told all transfers to and from the airport were taken care of. After we grabbed our luggage at baggage claim, we headed to the lounge where no less than twenty people stood at all times holding signs with various names on them. After an hour of searching signs and not seeing our names, we were getting very frustrated. The info desk employee was not an English speaker, but I managed to get our hotel’s phone number from her. Alas, despite my best efforts and agreeing to a 5Euro charge, I could not get the pay phone to connect. After our two day journey Frank’s fuse was at its end, so I suggested we grab a taxi and figure it out later.

We arrived safely at the hotel and found a staff member from the cruise line. She checked the list and sure enough, our travel agent had failed to book our transfer. We had waited, exhausted and jet-lagged, for over an hour for a ride that was never going to show. We proceeded up to the room, showered, and napped. Well Frank napped while I shot a few pictures off our balcony. Later we managed to pull ourselves together and get out of the room long enough to walk down the block to a nice little Italian restaurant. Thankfully we had both traveled to Rome previously (before we met)¬† and seen all the major sights so we didn’t feel like we missed out on too much. Had to catch that beauty sleep so we’d be ready for Day 2/Welcome Aboard!


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