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Hilarious Game Show Answers

For your Friday entertainment, “the dumbest, oddest, and craziest answers ever said on various game shows.”


Bad Lip Reading: Game of Thrones

While I do like the NFL bad lip reading video, I think this Medieval Land Fun-Time World trailer takes the cake. Enjoy!

[SPOILER ALERT] My husband and I finally finished season 3 of Game of Thrones. I’m sorry but who didn’t see the Red Wedding coming? Seriously… if it looks like a trap and smells like a trap… it’s a trap! Sad day for the Starks.

Puppet Photoshop Tutorial

Thought I’d pop in here to share this funny video with you guys. It’s a Photoshop tutorial presented by puppets. I have been elbow deep in Photoshop these past few weeks, so I got a pretty good laugh. On the realz, YouTube is an amazing resource if you are learning Photoshop. If you are interested in more internet nonsense, check out my tumblr.