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MyFitnessPal.comMy Fitness Pal

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to get my fitness and health back on track. One tool that has kept me accountable is MyFitnessPal.com. Many websites, programs, and apps exist to help the health conscience keep track of diet and excerise. Of course, there’s always a pen and paper diary too. MyFitnessPal is a popular tool, and the one I’ve stuck with after trying a few different options. MFP allow you to track water, food, exercise, and weight.

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Best Links: Wiz Khalifa, Lenses, and Funny Dogs

Video taken by my husband

Music // I was pleasantly surprised last Thursday when I received an email from LiveNation. I was the runner-up for the Wiz Khalifa Experience Sweepstakes. I immediately replied and became the grand prize winner gaining backstage access! It was actually my first concert experience here in Houston. I have had a few opportunities to meet bands, but it was usually just a quick hello and then a picture with the group. Being backstage was a wild experience, and one I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time. One of the coolest things was being able to look out at the packed crowd dancing and having an awesome time.

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