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Best Links: Alien Portraits, Fail Dogs, and Fried Egg Sandwiches

Sunset American Flag

Photography // Alienation: Upside-Down Portraits Make People Look Like Aliens Pretty self-explanatory and disorientating!

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Best Links: Wiz Khalifa, Lenses, and Funny Dogs

Video taken by my husband

Music // I was pleasantly surprised last Thursday when I received an email from LiveNation. I was the runner-up for the Wiz Khalifa Experience Sweepstakes. I immediately replied and became the grand prize winner gaining backstage access! It was actually my first concert experience here in Houston. I have had a few opportunities to meet bands, but it was usually just a quick hello and then a picture with the group. Being backstage was a wild experience, and one I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time. One of the coolest things was being able to look out at the packed crowd dancing and having an awesome time.

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Currently: Silicon Valley, Chinese Delivery, and Dogs


Dachshund and Labrador

Feeling: Excited. Our move to Houston has allowed me the opportunity to pursue photography. I’m looking for work while shooting for my portfolio. I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time.

WatchingSilicon Valley. While my sister and brother-in-law were in town, we flew through the first season. I didn’t know what to expect but this show is hilarious. If you like Big Bang Theory and Mike Judge, you will love this show. It’s a bit raunchy but the vulnerability of the character helps keep things real. I won’t give too much away, but it follows a small technology start-up company with some quirky programmers. With the hype and money surrounding today’s app developing wunderkins, the show is relatable even if you don’t follow all the tech speak.

ReadingThe Fault in Our Stars. I was looking for a book for my Kindle, and A Fault in Our Stars was the top recommended book. I had no idea it had a moving adaption coming out.  The main character is well-developed with a bit of dry humor and charming quirkiness. She realizes that her cancer places limits on her life but it’s still only a part of her life. In other words, it’s not her life’s story. The book is about teenage love and trying to live a full life with a chronic illness. As with any cancer story, yes, it’s sad. But it’s not sad because it’s a story about illness but because the characters are so relatable. I’m not sure if I can see the movie though since I’m not a public crier!

Eating: Chinese delivery. While I lived in Atlanta, I could never find a good Chinese delivery restaurant. Luckily I found a great place that delivers to my new apartment. Score! I’m addicted to the chicken fried rice mixed with some schezuan dumplings and don’t forget the crab rangoons.

Looking Forward To: Exploring the city. I’m discovering new museums, new restaurants, and different neighborhoods.

Making Me Happy: My dogs. Even though I spend most of the days at home now, it’s still pretty awesome to have a welcome committee every time I walk through the front door. It’s not the most fun walking them in the heat, but their excitement makes it worth it. I’m a sucker for their adorable faces.