Baron Fig Deluxe Starter Kit

Confidant Notebook_001

Baron Fig Deluxe Starter Kit

Recently I purchased the Baron Fig Deluxe Starter Kit. It includes a Confidant notebook, Squire pen or Archer pencil, and a Guardian case. I opted for the charcoal dot grid notebook and charcoal Squire pen with black ink. Check out the link for all the available options.

In 2015 I purchased the flagship light gray dot grid Confidant notebook. Since then the company has expanded their line to include a darker color notebook (pictured above), multiple sizes, pens and pencils, etc.

Currently I am using that notebook for all my web development research. (P.S. If you’re in the market for a new website or blog, hit me up!) The dot grid is perfect. I can write or sketch. It’s also great for writing out code. (Yes, I physically write code as part of my note-taking.) I find lined grids intrusive and ruled lines inflexible. The dots in the Confidant are dark enough to be easily visible but light enough that you don’t notice them once the page is filled.

Grid Paper_001

Dot Grid Paper

So why did I buy another notebook? And dish out for the cover and pen? Two words: Bullet Journal.

In a previous post and video, I introduced my 2017 Hobonichi planner. I haven’t completely given up on her but we’re just not in love. I haven’t used a daily planner in years, and it’s been an adjustment moving from a weekly planner. I’ve been familiar with the bullet journal system for years. (You can read more about it from the creator here.) Up until now I’ve only used it as an organization tool for notebooks on subjects like photography or web development. I’ve never gone full bujo.

writing sample

Squire Pen Writing Sample

After spending weeks (months?) pouring over YouTube videos and beautiful Instagram accounts, I’ve decided to quit fighting my current system and start developing my own. When I started my photography business, I found that my other creative projects had fallen to the wayside. Recently I’ve realized I need a creative outlet that’s completely my own, not for business. And the fact that it helps keep me organized… uh yeah. I’m down. I’ve also started a new Instagram account (tehsonz_notebook) so my regular peeps aren’t inundated with my dorky notebook obsession. Hope to see you there!

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