Best Links: Nick Saban, Transformed Images, and Living on Mars

Music // Frank and I saw Incubus last week so in honor of that I thought I’d post this video. Technically this song was released in 2000 but it’s got that 90’s rock music video vibe. Ahh, alternative rock in the 90’s. A beautiful thing.

Funny // Daniel Tosh takes aim at Nick Saban, Alabama With football season just around the corner (squee!), the hatin’ has already started. Nick Saban basically acts like a politician (a bit Trumpy, if you will) in getting upset when people quote him. War Damn Eagle!

Photography // Artist Jane Long Digitally Manipulates Black and White WWI-Era Photos Into Colorful Works of Fantasy Australian artist Jane Long transforms […] black and white photographs into colorful works of fantasy, giving the subjects a new, and entirely surreal context. The images she uses […] were captured over a half century ago […]

Thoughtful // Six Men Spent 520 Days Locked in a Room to See If We Could Live on Mars It’s pretty amazing that we’ve set our sights on getting humans to Mars. Now, I have to say, IMHO, the people signing up for the first trip to Mars are cray-cray in signing up for a suicide mission that probably won’t happen in our lifetime. Interesting, nonetheless. To infinity and beyond!

Stuff // Cameras of Texas T-Shirt (Women’s)- Charcoal, Medium It’s out of stock right now, but I’m pretty sure they made this tee for me.

What’s been good in your hood?


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