July Currently

July 4th fireworks, Washington, D.C. (LOC)

Library of Congress. Photographer: Carol Highsmith, 1946

Feeling: Like a bad blogger, haha. Really though, I’m feeling like I’m in limbo. Maybe I jinxed myself in my last currently post by saying business is good. June was slow. I’ve heard from local photographers that business tends to be slow during summer. It seems like Houston is either flooding or hot as hell. However, I have made some good connections so I remain hopeful!

Watching: Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad. Basically Netflix binging. I recommend OITNB but only if you’re OK with drug use, sexual content, and you know, a show about criminals. The second and third seasons have really turned it up!

Reading: Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Images by Teri Campbell.
Expect a review… soonish.

Looking Forward To: The long weekend. No plans for the Fourth yet. The Weather Channel is forecasting gloom so there may not be much in the way of fireworks. But my husband has been working crazy hours, so it’ll be nice to spend some time together whatever we end up doing
(Happy Independence Day, btw. USA! USA! USA!)

Making Me Happy: My new computer. I’ve officially made the jump to PC after a decade of Apple computers. A lot of thought went into the switch, and my new system seems to be working out great. If anyone is interested in the specs or reason for the swap, let me know and I’d glad to share.

Listening To: Drones by Muse. I can appreciate that Muse keeps things fresh with each album; however, It can be hard as a longtime fan to get used to the new stuff. I have an emotional attachment to some older songs. I can remember walking down the streets of France listening to “Starlight” and feeling like my ship had taken me far away [from the memories of the people who care if I live or die]. The Black Holes and Revelations album is a good place to start if you’re new to Muse. Best live show I’ve ever seen.

What did your June look like? If you went on a cool vacation, leave a comment so I can live vicariously through you!


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