Best Links: IDFWY, Bath Time Pups, and Kanye LVL 1 RPG

Music // I like to think I would have created something this awesome if there YouTube existsted when I was eleven. Of course, I’d need to find a choreographer and a director with mad skills.

Funny // From the twitterverse: “Kanye’s dressing like he’s a level 1 RPG character

Photography // 12 Totally Adorable Pups Who Think Bath Time Is The Worst I follow photographer Serenah Hodson‘s work on Facebook. Buzzfeed’s slider showcases her series pretty well. My dog’s (mini longhaired dachshund) post-bath expression is one of a tortured soul. It’s both adorable and tragic.

Interesting //  What you learn reading ‘Harry Potter’ for the first time in your 20s 

The Pixelstick at the Photojojo Store

Stuff // The Pixelstick looks pretty cool and versatile. Sadly, at $349.00 it won’t be joining my kit any time soon.

If this curated list of work distractions isn’t enough, you can check out what I find pinteresting.


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