Camdapter Pro Strap

Looking for a handy camera strap? (See what I did there?) Here’s my review of Camdapter ProStrap. Prior to purchasing the Camdapter hand strap, I used the OP/TECH SLR Wrist Strap. The Op/Tech is OK, but I found it didn’t distribute weight evenly. I wanted a hand strap that would connect at the top and bottom of the camera for a more comfortable grip.

My camera does not have a strap lug on the bottom so I purchased the Camdapter with the Monfrotto adapter plate. The strap connects to the top strap lug on your camera and the lug on the adapter. I like that I don’t have to remove the strap to place the camera on my tripod. However, removing the strap to use my Black Rapid Strap and then reconnecting it to the camera is a bit annoying. The webbing sticks out awkwardly and tends to fray even though I’ve burned the ends. (I recommend doing this if you purchase one.) You can see full directions here for attaching the strap.Nikon D800 with Camdapter

Overall, once the strap is properly tightened, I find it to be quite comfortable and secure. By keeping the camera in my hand (rather than at my side like the Black Rapid), my camera is ready to spring into action. You don’t want to miss your client’s spontaneous laugh or smile! It also handles the addition of a flash plus modifier much better than the Black Rapid. For my purposes, the Camdapter ProStrap stays on my camera unless I’m travelling in which case the Black Rapid is my preferred choice.

You can pickup the Camdapter for $30 + shipping from

TL;DR: If you are looking for a comfortable hand strap for your DSLR, I recommend the Camdapter ProStrap. With the addition of a tripod adapter, it seamlessly goes from hand-holding to tripod shooting. The strap isn’t the easiest to get on and off the camera but hopefully that won’t be something that comes up too often.

Rating: 4/5

[Disclaimer: I have no association with Camdapter nor have I been compensated in any manner for this review. All opinions are my own.]


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