730 Days // Part 1

FrankSonalHindu-125May 12, 2015 marks two years of marriage. In that time, my husband and I traveled to Europe, moved 800 miles across the country and bought our first home. I look forward to the many adventures that lie before us.

[Note: I’ve split this post into two. Below is prep, first look, and portraits. Check back next week for Part 2 – Groom’s entrance, ceremony, reception.]

FrankSonalHindu-28FrankSonalHindu-10bridal prep bridal prep pedicureFrankSonalHindu-37earrings hindu bridal prep bridal prepFrankSonalHindu-41FrankSonalHindu-46FrankSonalHindu-51FrankSonalHindu-63FrankSonalHindu-116FrankSonalHindu-114 FrankSonalHindu-129FrankSonalHindu-130FrankSonalHindu-73 FrankSonalHindu-82FrankSonalHindu-122FrankSonalHindu-95FrankSonalHindu-75FrankSonalHindu-93FrankSonalHindu-96FrankSonalHindu-88 FrankSonalHindu-87 FrankSonalHindu-85 FrankSonalHindu-83

Photos: O’Studios Photography


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