Best Links: Jon Snow, Buzzfest, and a Mobile Printer

Funny // Jon Snow makes for a depressing dinner guest. (Game of Thrones is back!)

BuzzFest 33Music // Saturday Frank and I headed down to BuzzFest 33. Godsmack headlined, and they killed it once again. I’ve only been to a million concerts and this was my first time to snag a concert t-shirt! BuzzFest was a local deal, but Godsmack is still touring. They are hitting the Atlanta Tabernacle next week… my favorite venue! I’m so excited concert season is back. We’ve got a few more lined up for this summer.

Photography // 2015 Pulitzer Photographers Captured Ebola in Africa and Anger in Ferguson The Pulitzer prize winners have been announced. The Pulitzer prize reinforces the power and importance of journalistic photography. With the ubiquity of cameras, it’s easy to forget the expertise photographers bring to the table. The photographers here put their own lives and safety on the line to make sure the world knows about the important events taking place. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Food // Currently I’m trying out eMeals, but I’m not entirely sold yet. They create a PDF menu and shopping list for the week. I’m trying to ease into cooking with 3 meals/week. eMeals features recipes that sometimes reuse prepared food from earlier in the week. Since I don’t make all the recipes this can be inconvenient. The meals for two people aren’t truly for two people so there is still wasted food and money. (Or TBH, overeating.) It’d be great if they allowed you to select recipes and make the shopping list based off only those. Or added integration with apps like AnyList. The idea is good, but the execution isn’t there yet in my opinion. You can visit there site for example recipes. I’m also considering Plated, if anyone’s tried it I’d love to hear about your experience. Have you tried a recipe or food delivery service with success? 

Stuff // There are a number of cell phone image printing services and devices. The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer is the first one I think I’d actually purchase. The best camera is the one you have with you. Most of my phone pics don’t see the light of day. The printer seems like a quick, easy way to get those pics out of my phone and onto my walls. It’s selling for $130 including 10 prints on PhotoJojo.



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