Best Links: Missy Elliot, Doggie Photobooth, and ET

Music // The video above features the little girl from the Missy Elliot videos. Well, she’s all grown up and gave a shoutout to Missy with this tribute video. Girl has still got the moves!

Funny // 24 Things We Unexpectedly Become Obsessed With In Our Late 20s.
I can relate to a few of these including:
5. Having a preference on wine. (Pinot Noir… I even have a wine cooler in my new house. How fancy!)
8. Brunch. (A weekend without brunch is wasted.)
10. Rewatching shows/movies from our childhood. (I could do this all day every day. It’s a struggle though as my husband grew up without Nickelodeon. The horror!)
11. Non-ironically enjoying music from the 90s. (I listened to alternative 90’s rock starting in the first grade.)
13. Sitting down at concerts. (College was about front and center pit tickets. Now I’m all about having my butt in a covered seat.)

Photography // This “Doggie Photobooth” Captures Amazingly Candid Images of Dogs That Need A Home. Any dog owner can attest that each dog has his/her unique personality. It really comes through in this series of photos taken for the Humane Society of Utah.

Thoughtful // NASA Scientists Believe We Will Find Extraterrestrial Life Within The Next 20 Years. They are expecting to find microbial life, but it still indicates other planets are able to host life. Not just planets but stars and moons as well. Where there is water there is life. I’m excited to see what our scientists will discover in the next few decades. To infinity and beyond!

Stuff // Beautiful Home Offices & WorkspacesCheck out the cool photo wallpaper.

What’s the best stuff you’ve found on the interwebs?


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