Best Links: Perfect Drug, Sleepy Women, and Street Style

Music // So I did post about T. Swift in a previous Best Links, but this one features NIN so it’s OK.  It’s not my fault if people come out with cool videos for Shake It Off.  The bright pop juxtaposed with the angsty rock makes for a trippy combo. The visuals in this mashup are amazing. Does this mean Taylor Swift is the perfect drug? Also, does Trent Reznor not have a kind of Snape-vibe going on?

Funny // Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

Photography // 20 Years of Street Photography Reveal the Hilarious Truth About the Way We Dress

Thoughtful // Duke University scientists find women need more sleep than men I’m gonna need a nap after this one. My brain is tired from all the multi-tasking.

Stuff // Chi Chi London Premium Embroidered Lace Prom Dress with Bardot Neck It’s out of stock right now, but isn’t this dress the dog’s tuxedo?

What funny or interesting things have come across your screen this week? 



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