Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket

I’m an organization geek but then what photographer doesn’t love a simple, organizational accessory? When I upgraded my camera, it was time to upgrade my memory cards as well. I added CompactFlash cards to the mix as well as a few new SD cards to replace my ancient ones. (Did you know SD stands for Secure Digital?) I have a hard case for my SD cards, but it doesn’t accommodate the larger CF cards. I had been keeping the CF cards in their original plastic cases, but I was afraid of losing them. It’s not only the value of the card itself but more important, the irreplaceable photos.

I currently use a small camera backpack. The hard case was just too bulky for the bag. I wanted to find a soft, slimmer case to take up minimal space while keeping my cards in place. I had never owned a Think Tank product, but I’d only heard good things. After doing a little searching, I added the Pixel Pocket Rocket to my Christmas list. (My Christmas list was basically a gear wish list and a winter jacket.)

The Pixel Pocket Rocket (anyone else giggle at the name?) holds 10 CF cards. I use it to hold both my SD and CF cards. I’ve just started using the case, but I don’t see this being an issue as the pockets seem pretty snug. If you have a bunch of cards, you could probably fit two SD cards per pocket. It has a plastic pocket to hold a few business cards as well. If you lose the case someone can easily return it to you. Or if you’re like me, it means you don’t have to go digging through your bag when someone asks for a card. I took the lanyard off but it would be handy if you want to clip the wallet to your bag or belt loop for easy access. The case is small enough to fit in your pocket as well. (Probably more so for guys than ladies though.)

I saw a few complaints from other people. Some people mentioned that there is no way to indicate whether a card has been used or not. I simply turn the card around to indicate it’s used. So, not a big deal to me. Also, a noteworthy point is that the velcro closure is loud which could be a problem if you’re shooting a quiet indoor event. I haven’t found myself in a situation where this would be a problem though.

{TL;DR} If you’re looking for a handy, slim pouch for your memory cards consider the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. I’m happy having a wallet that will hold my CF, SD, and business cards.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Think Tank. I have not been compensated in any way for this review. I just like to share products I enjoy and find useful.


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