Day 9/Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

We left Santorini and arrived in Mykonos the next day. After a fun-filled day, we were ready for a little relaxing. What better place than Mykonos?

boat in water

cafe by water

Mykonos, Greece

cruise Greece

white bird

Mykonos, Greece

Warm sun, cool breezes, and the bluest ocean, we couldn’t have asked for much more on day nine of our Mediterranean adventure. We wandered around the little town and ordered a Mythos at a nearby cafe. Around a corner, we ran into the big white pelican pictured above. When an injured pelican, later named Petros, landed on the island in 1954, the locals nursed him back to health. Not wanting to give up his lush home, Petros became a famous resident of Mykonos. As you can see Petros’ predecessor was too busy pruning to pay us any mind.

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