Best Links: Star Wars, Bad Parking, and Baked Eggs

Chair SwingPleasure Pier in Galveston

Photography // Photographer Commemorates Childhood Love for Star Wars, Places Iconic Figures in Every Day Vistas Thomas Dagg took his collection of Star Wars toys and masterfully combined them with modern street photography. The resulting black and white images are a testament to what can happen when a photographer creates a project based on his or her passion.

Humor // 24 Bad Parkers Who Got a Swift Visit From Karma Everyone has been there. You’re desperately searching for a parking spot in a crowded shopping center. You find the last spot but when you start to pull in lo and behold, some douche-monger has crossed the line. Literally. Bad parkers peeve me off to no end. If you can’t park your giant truck (Southern problems), don’t buy it! Recently, I had to do the old crawl over the seats and exit through the back hatch. You can be sure I left an angry note for the parking offender.

Food // Baked Eggs with Pancetta And Mushrooms Mmm, baked eggs. I don’t care much for mushrooms, but FP loves them so I compromised and chopped them up rather than slicing. The dish is easy to make, quick, and makes for good leftovers. Also cool–the website lets you tick off steps you’ve completed.

Stuff // Ikea Pendant Lamp from the PS 2014 collection The funky pendant lamp expands when you turn it on by pulling the string. I’m not sure I could incorporate this in my home design but it’s still pretty cool.

What’s great stuff have you found on the web this week?


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