Currently: HGTV, Quiet, and Eggs

Mixed BouquetPretty bouquet from my husband

Feeling: Ready. After battling a bad upper respiratory infection, I’m finally starting to bounce back. I’m ready to plug away at editing photos, making new contacts, and keeping up with this blog!

Watching: HGTV. I never really thought I’d be an HGTV person. I’ve read a few renovation blogs and am amazed at what people can do. The most I’ve ever done is replace an outlet cover. It doesn’t help that HGTV runs episode after episode of the same shows. Marathon shows have a way of sucking me in… Project Runway, anyone? Right now, it’s all about Love It or List It and Property Brothers. I need the Property Brothers to visit Houston so they can renovate a fixer upper for me (and stay within budget).

ReadingQuiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop TalkingIt’s been slow going getting through this book, but it’s been interesting. I was expecting more of a narrative but the book is focused more on science and studies with a few interviews. While I think a narrative story would be easier to read, it is fascinating to learn the science behind introvert and extrovert personalities. Rather than seeing introversion as a bad thing, it’s possible to harness those qualities to make a positive impact on your life and career.

Eating: Eggs. I never really liked eggs growing up mostly because I was only exposed to boiled eggs. (Gross!) Once I discovered eggs over medium, I became addicted. I enjoy making casseroles and if they include eggs that’s even better! Now that I’m a health-conscious eater, it’s a great way to add some protein to my diet.

Looking Forward To: A vacation. No vacation on the books yet, but I hope to get something planned soon. Big or small it’ll be nice to get away with my husband.

Making Me Happy: Becoming Texified. Driver’s license. Check. New license plates. Check. New cowboy boots. Check. First time shooting a gun. Check. Even growing up in Alabama I never shot a gun. I never really felt comfortable trying. My husband made me a deal: if I go shooting with him, he’d buy me a pair of cowboy boots. Done and done. When in Rome, right?

What have you gotten into lately?


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