Best Links: NIN, Professional Photography, and the iWatch


Music // The day after my husband and I watched the Wiz Khalifa concert from backstage, we found ourselves on the lawn for the Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden concert. Since we love concerts so much, and had to cut the last NIN concert short due to illness, we bought the tickets before we even moved. It was awesome having something to look forward to post-move. We knew NIN would be great from previous experience but it was Soundgarden that blew us away. Chris Cornell has an amazing voice that projected so well even from the lawn. If you have Amazon Prime, you can listen to the latest album from NIN, Hesitation Marks,in its entirety for free!

Photography // 8 Reasons Why Professional Photography Is Harder Than It Looks With the rising number of quality cameras available to average consumers, including camera phones and entry level DSLRs, it seems everyone is a photographer. Awesome! BUT that certainly doesn’t mean everyone can deliver professional results for clients. I think its important that the general public is aware of how much it actually takes to shoot professionally. Professional photography should be treated with the same respect as any other professional service.

Humor // This spoiled pup in not happy that his brother is getting attention. Sibling rivalry!

Health //Pre-Workout Snack Ideas For the Morning Self-explanatory!

Stuff //Apple answers consumer demand with smartwatch So by now you probably know Apple announced iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iWatch. I’m an Apple girl. I had the first color iPod (goodbye WalkMan!) and have continously upgraded over time to my current iPhone 5. I have had a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, and two iPads. But I seriously don’t get the iWatch. I’d love for someone to explain why we need/want these smart watches? It looks cool and all, but yeh. I just don’t get it. Don’t hold me to that though! Who knows, I may be walking around with one by this time next year.

Tell me what’s good in your hood this week?


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