Best Links: Wiz Khalifa, Lenses, and Funny Dogs

Video taken by my husband

Music // I was pleasantly surprised last Thursday when I received an email from LiveNation. I was the runner-up for the Wiz Khalifa Experience Sweepstakes. I immediately replied and became the grand prize winner gaining backstage access! It was actually my first concert experience here in Houston. I have had a few opportunities to meet bands, but it was usually just a quick hello and then a picture with the group. Being backstage was a wild experience, and one I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time. One of the coolest things was being able to look out at the packed crowd dancing and having an awesome time.

Photography // Checklist for Buying Used Cameras and Lenses on Craigslist With the release of the Nikon D810, eBay has been flooded with D800’s. Lucky for me! I found a great deal and scooped one up. I’m very excited about this upgrade. (Pics coming soon.) Professional gear comes with a high price tag, so I carefully weighed my decision to purchase a used camera. If you’re looking to upgrade to a full-frame camera, I highly recommend doing your research and taking advantage of eBay. If you’re willing to buy used, you can save a considerable amount of money. Buying used off eBay means you are protected but only have a limited amount of time to make sure you didn’t receive a lemon! I found the above article very helpful for checking out my camera once it arrived.

Humor //

I’m not sure what it is about this video, but it just tickles me. Sneaky little pups.

Health // Dealing with chronic health issues like allergies, sinusitis, and asthma is tough. Over the past few years I decided to take charge of my health. Allergies don’t seem like a big deal because they are so common. However, they can affect the daily quality of life. Allergies can affect skin, breathing, food choices, sinuses, and overall health. Not to mention the worry of anaphylaxis. After waking up wheezing night after night, I decided to make a change. Purchasing allergy covers for my pillows and mattress made a huge difference! They can provides protection from a number of different allergens from dust mites to pet dander. If you’re suffering from allergies, you can make changes in your everyday life to make your situation better.

Stuff // Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic I have never had the opportunity to use a Lensbaby but they sure seem cool! While they seem like a novelty product, photography is all about self-expression and these lenses can help achieve unique results. If you happen to have a few extra hundred dollars lying around, pick one up and let me know what you think!

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