Organizing Your Inbox

mailbox app

I’m a very organized person by nature. You know the kind of person who has color-coded folders and excel documents. As email becomes more and more engrained in our lives, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of our inboxes. The Mailbox app is the perfect tool to get your inbox down to zero. Yes, zero!

When Mailbox became available to the general public, there was a long waiting line. When I was finally granted access I was psyched. The app turned out to be super easy to use, and it actually got my inbox to zero! With a simple swipe right you can archive or delete messages. With a left swipe you can place the message in a folder or set the message to hide until a later time. Mailbox comes with several preset options like Later Today, This Weekend, In a Month or you can set your date. I find this function to be the most helpful for getting my inbox to zero. Let’s say I have a client shoot but it’s not for two weeks. I can set the email to pop-up in my inbox in a week as a reminder to get prepared. With most of my emails now in folders or set for another date, my inbox is cleared of all but the emails requiring immediate attention. Not only does this give me inbox space, but it helps clear up head space as well!

I believer the app currently only integrates with Gmail. It can get a bit confusing if you already use folders in Gmail as Mailbox creates its own. I like to be able to organize from my computer as well as my iPhone. My solution was to move my existing folders below the [Mailbox] folder.  Now I can use the Move to function in Gmail to place the emails in the correct folders, and they’ll work correctly with the Mailbox app.

Overall, the app is well-designed, well-thoughtout, and very user friendly. The Mailbox app is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. I’m eagerly awaiting the OS X release. (I hate Apple’s mail tool, argh!) Mailbox if you read this, please give us the option to set the Mailbox app as the default to open new messages on OS X!


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