Best Links: Bad Pop, Pet Photography, and Wiener Dogs

orange striped fish

In honor of shark week here’s a picture of, well, a Lion Fish. Sorry, couldn’t find a shark pic last minute. 😉

Music // The Music Industry Is Literally Brainwashing You to Like Bad Pop Songs — Here’s How. It could just be getting older, but I feel the quality of music on the radio has tanked. The people who gain the most attention and fame are those who are simply entertainers, not musicians. They can’t sing without the help of Auto-Tune and sound engineers. They don’t play instruments, and they don’t write songs. For females all it seems to take is luck, a pretty face, a nice body, and a creative production company. Males don’t seem to suffer from the double-standard of beauty. They just seem to need a gimmick, some kind of back story. I truly don’t understand the cult of Beyonce. Take her Superbowl performance. She sang for maybe 20% of the performance and danced the rest. Sure, it’s not easy to do both, but she is making millions. Shouldn’t that set a higher standard than what the average person could accomplish? Not to harp on one person, but she is touted again and again as a feminist. How is singing “If you like IT, you shoulda put a ring on IT,” promoting the idea of equality among genders?  Women are now an “it” who are not going to stick around without a ring. Think about “artists” like Katy Perry. The majority of her songs are catchy and “fun” but ultimately meaningless dribble. She is one of the biggest stars on the planet. Sure music can provide a fun escape. I just wish the talented musicians who are capable of conveying common themes of humanity, such as love, heart break, loss, and hope, were equally represented on the radio, in media, and on stage.

Photography // Tips and Tricks to Pet Photography I always hear people say shoot what you love. With that in mind, I’ve wanted to get into pet photography for some time. The article features some simple but effective tricks you can use to get your little pup to cooperate long enough to get that beautiful shot. Pet photography much like photographing humans is about more than just snapping a nice picture of a face. Any pet owner can testify that each animal has it’s unique characteristics, quirks, and personality. A professional can capture the essence, the personality, and the spirit of a person. I believe pet photographer can achieve the same results for our furry friends.

Humor // The 26 Most Wiener Dog Things To Ever Happen In The History Of Wiener Dogs. If I upset you with my rant on pop music, hopefully these adorable wiener dogs will make up for it.

Health // I’ve finally starting getting my butt into gear. The most effective training I’ve ever done focused on weightlifting with a side of cardio. If you’ve never used the equipment in your gym or it’s been awhile, it can be a bit intimidating. It’s very important to keep good form so you don’t injure yourself. Injury can be a huge deterrent to continuing your training. The videos on are easy to follow, informative, and short. I like that they offer a female version of the videos as well.

Stuff // LumoPro LP180 Official Strobist FlashIf you want to get into flash photography, the LumoPro is a good, inexpensive product. It will only shoot in manual but that forces you to pay attention and take control of your gear. Don’t let your gear take control of you!

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