How I Use Evernote


So unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea, you’ve heard about Evernote. Since it’s such a flexible tool I thought I’d share how I use it. I signed up a long time ago but only used it for a short time and lost interest. However, when it came time to plan my wedding, Evernote became my life line to sanity. Overtime they have added a number of apps and tools, but I like to keep it simple.

I’ve mainly utilized three notebooks: Wedding/Honeymoon, Recipes, and Moving. The Wedding notebook kept everything I needed in one place. Being able to access it from my computer or phone made it very handy versus a planner or paper notebook. The Wedding notebook held the guest list, RSVPs, ceremony schedule, caterer information, contracts, invoices, purchases, gifts received, etc etc. I also created a packing list for the honeymoon and often reuse it for other trips. It was nice having all the honeymoon information, like reservations and itinerary, in one place that I could easily share with my husband-to-be.

The Email to Evernote feature made it so easy to keep all the emails and documents in one place right from my inbox. If you go to Account Settings > Account Summary > Email Notes to, you’ll find your unique Evernote email. I recommend saving it to your email contacts. You can forward emails including attachments to that email address. You can also add specific instructions in the subject line in this order: !reminder, @notebook, #tag. For example: FWD: Travel Itinerary !2014/6/30, @travel, #Europe.


For my Recipes notebook the best tool is the browser extension Web Clipper. When you’re on a webpage with a recipe you want to save, you just hit the little elephant icon and a window pops-ups. It allows you to select a notebook and add tags and comments. You can select “clip the article” and Evernote does its best to leave out the extraneous stuff on the site like ads. You can also clip a selection, the whole page, or the URL. I 0rganize this notebook using tags like dinner, smoothies, chicken, etc. Having access on all my devices makes it easy to pull up a list of ingredients or the directions when I’m ready to cook. You can add check boxes for ingredients so you can mark them off when you’re at the grocery store.

Evernote is a great tool for staying organized while moving. After having moved a few times in recent years, I wanted to be more organized for our move to Houston especially since it was halfway across the country. Nothing is worse than having a house full of boxes and not being able to find that damn (insert thing you didn’t realize you’d need but you really need it right this second and could have sworn it was in the box with the socks). I wanted to make sure A) I could find stuff and B) verify everything did, in fact, make it to Houston. I also had all the moving quotes, lease information, and my “before the move” to-do list. I kept a list of boxes by room and content. For example, Living Room #1 DVDs or Den #3 Books. It was a bit embarrassing finding out I had like 10 boxes to every 1 of my husband’s, but most of it was books. Let’s just say it’s because I’m well-read.

Overall, I find that Evernote is a great organizational tool because it’s easily accessed from anywhere. The notebooks keep everything organized, and it’s simple to search by using tags. The Web Clipper and Email to Evernote features allow for quick and easy uploads to Evernote without having to use the Evernote app or website. It’s flexibility allows anyone to customize it for their needs.

How do you use your Evernote?


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