Best Links- Travel Photo Gear, Meal Planning, and Nadvy

miniature dachshund

Titus on a rooftop patio enjoying the ocean breeze

Music // Turn Down for What – DJ Slacker and Lil Jon. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a song reflecting the trials and triumphs of the human experience in 2014, but it makes for  good mindless danceable summer jam. (Although Heidi Klum saying “Turn Down for What” in the Project Runway commercial may have officially killed this song forever.) In a previous post I shared a video of some kittens dancing to this song followed by an explanation of what “turning down” means. I normally post the video for the featured song, but the video for this song is pretty crude. I found it hilarious and a nice change from the normal ladies-in-underwear-shaking-butts rap videos, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Photography // 21 Essential Pieces Of Gear For The Traveling Photographer When I go on trips I make a list of the gear I want to pack. Since I travel for personal enjoyment rather than business I try to pack light. The article is geared (see what I did there) toward traveling for a client shoot. It provides a good starting point so you don’t forget those little essentials like batteries!

Humor //
funny tweet










Needless to say, I have no Coca-Cola can floating around with my name on it.

Health // I’ve spoken before about changing my eating habits. Meal planning always seems to be this daunting annoying task. I checked out a few internet meal planning services. Both The Six O’Clock Scramble and eMeals offer sample menus. I decided to try a recipe from each. I’m leaning toward e-Meals; the meal I tried called for less ingredients and less time than the Six O’Clock recipe. Win-win. For anyone interest, I tried the Spanish Oven Omelet Scramble with Dice Potatoes from the Six O’Clock summer menu and Sliced BBQ Pork Roast from the eMeal low-fat meal plan for two. The omelet was light but tasteless, but I enjoyed the roast–any excuse to use my crockpot!

Stuff // Nadvy. The Nadvy projects directions, phone calls, and other info onto a small see-through screen in the driver’s line of vision. The idea is that you don’t have to look away from the road and can use hand gestures and voice commands to use the device. It reminds me of Google glass but not nearly as goofy. I’d like to see this thing in person before purchasing, but you can scoop one now through the pre-order.

Leave a comment with the best things you’ve found on the internet lately.


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