iPhone app

I’m one of those list-making people. If I don’t write something down, it promptly exits my brain. Plus I figure all the time wasted trying to remember what to do can be spent on actually doing those things. I’ve tried a number of different ways to keep written to-do lists including writing in my planner or using a separate notebook. However, since I have a need to record things right now none of those things really fit the bill. In the case of the planner, I had to move items over week-to-week. The separate notebook was just too inconvenient to be useful. I ended up with scattered incomplete lists in different notebooks and on post-its.

The iPhone is great and all but the reminders tool kinda sucks. I checked out some app reviews and landed on the free version of Wunderlist. Wunderlist allows you to have different lists with some auto-populated ones like Work and Movies to Watch. The main list I reference is Work. I also keep a running list of unscheduled blog posts. You can add due dates, reminders, subtasks, notes and attachments. Having due dates set on some tasks and not on others, I can tell what’s due for the day or what can be done in the future. I can reference future items when free time pops up. The first two lists in Wunderlist are Today and Week which give you a quick glance at the your to-dos for the day and week. The app syncs across your devices. I update mine from my phone, iPad, and desktop. It’s nice to keep the list up on my iPad so I can glance over to see what needs to be done for the day.

The app has some room for improvement. The interface is a bit old school. With the recent iOS update, the app could use some sprucing up to match the new look. When you add a tasks you have to scroll to the bottom of your lists to add notes, due dates, etc. Overall, after a few weeks of use I’m happy with the app. It’s great having a mobile to-do list that lets me add items on the fly. With the ability to make your own lists, you can keep track of more than just to-dos. You could use it for grocery lists, books to read, or a workout schedule.

Do you have a favorite productivity app?


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