Best Links: Slacker, TV Workouts, and Daleks

Star Wars toy

Music // Since I’ve started working at home, I’ve been cranking the tunes. Tiring of Spotify, I’ve recently started tuning in to My Vibe is probably my favorite feature. It makes a playlist based off activity or mood. I usually land on the concentrate – electronic (non vocal) station. Nice background music without being distracting.

Photography // has an extensive archive of photography and video articles. They also have a number of courses for purchase in their store. The site offers some great information and industry insite but it’s certainly not perfect. Some of the articles have shock-and-awe titles which are often misleading for the sake of web traffic. Many of the articles are focused on wedding or portrait photography. I would like to see more diversity into other genres. They also have a large amount of advertising and product plugs but to be fair it takes money to keep sites rolling. Check it out for yourself. You may have to dig but I’m sure you’ll find something of value. And hey, it’s always nice when people are willing to share their advice and experiences for free.

Humor // Flula is just one goofy dude making Youtube videos in his car. Props for playing a trombone in the car.

Health // 43 Workouts That Allow You to Watch an Ungodly Amount of Television From Game of Thrones to Dexter, this Buzzfeed list offers a way to mix your favorites show with some exercise. Kind of like a drinking game, but you know, healthier.

Stuff  // Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato HeadExterminate! Extermi-tater! Since becoming a Whovian, I’ve been eyeing the awesome collection of Doctor Who themed Mr. Potato Heads. Yeah, I know that’s a weird statement but Darth Tater is getting lonely.


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