Best Links: OK Go, Creative Live, and Little Things

Music // Anyone familiar with OK Go’s Here It Goes Again video will enjoy their latest hit, The Writing’s on the Wall. Their dedication to creativity shows it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the artist. The Writing’s on the Wall is a really cool video that plays with geometric shapes in three dimensional space. According to Rolling Stone, the video took four weeks to make. It’s crazy to see how their production value has gone up over the past three years.

Photography // I’ve taken several courses over the years at CreativeLive and have taken away a lot. They offer free online streaming workshops 24/7. If you catch the live stream you can participate in audience discussion and have a chance to have your questions answered live. You have the option to purchase the course which gives you any time access to the videos and usually some bonus material. I haven’t purchased any courses yet though because they run about $130. Most recently I watched Story on a Plate: Food Photography and Styling with Todd Porter and Diane Cu. (They answered one of my questions live, so if you watch the workshop listen up for a question from Indian in Texas.) Not gonna lie, it was tough getting through the five hour a day, three day workshop but it really was invaluable. As I move into food photography and put together my portfolio, I know I’ll be referencing my notes again and again. If I were to purchase one course, this would probably be it. CreativeLive courses cover a variety of topics, not just photography, and I highly suggest checking them out.

Humor // Two videos in one post, what?! I’m not a cat person but this video is funny and adorable. Not gonna lie I didn’t know what “turn down for what” means, and I looked it up. Getting rowdy (drinking, etc.) is to turn up, so turn down means sobering up. Turn down for what is asking why stop when you’re already past the tipping point. Might as well keep the party rolling.

Thoughtful // 24 Little Things REAL Couples (Not “Love Experts”) Do To Nurture Their Relationship I usually megaloathe these kind of posts. You know the ones, 100 Things You Have To Do To Prove You Actually Care About Your Significant Other. The 24 Little Things isn’t a big list pointing out how you’re a bad girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc. It’s just a list of what some people do in their daily lives to show their SO a little lovin’. Everyone shows they care in different and little ways. The “Listen, especially when all they need you to do is LISTEN” part pretty much describes my husband and me to a T.

Clothing/Accessories // Fossil Key-Per Zip Clutch It’s hard to find a zip up wallet that opens flat as opposed to one that only opens like a taco. I’m sure there is a term for it, but I’m fashion stupid. It’s on sale now, so I’m very tempted to buy it. (Currently $39.99.) I need a new wallet, but I don’t need a new wallet.

What are the best things you’ve found on the interwebs lately?

Note: The new blog address is Yay! I’ve also updated the header so pop over if you haven’t seen it and let me know what you think.


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