In A Shel

iPhone prints

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy supporting start-ups on My contributions are small, but that’s the great thing about Kickstarter campaigns–you contribute what you want. One down side can be the lag time between your contribution, and the final product arriving in your hands. It’s all a part of the experience though. Most of the companies are looking for the initial capital to launch their ideas.

Last October I signed up for a 3-month subscription to a service called Timeshel. The basic idea is get photos off your iPhone and have them delivered as actual prints. There are several companies who support this idea, but I like that Timeshel captures my story month by month. Whenever I look back through my photos, especially on my iPhone, I’m always surprised at how special the images are to me. Day-to-day can seem so mundane, but it is the daily things that make up our stories. The prints come in two sizes–rectangular and square. I chose to upload my Instagram photos so I received the square format. Each month you select up to 30 images and add them to the Timeshel app. That’s all you have to do! They take your credit card information so you don’t even have to place an order every month. You simply add the pictures to the app. A few days  (in my experience) after the end of the month your prints arrived in a nice little storage box aka the “shel”.  I have contacted their customer service a few times. They have been professional, helpful and quick in their responses.

Le Peep Restaurant   The Dish Society

Most of the images are not ones that I would typically choose to print out. (Not that I’m even good about printing special occasion photos.) However, once the images arrived in the little shel, I was enamored. I have several of the images hanging on the french bulletin board by my desk. It’s great to glance over and see the picture of my husband and me at the Astros game or a shot of my dog sitting out on the balcony.

french bulletin board

Note: I was not compensated in any way by Timeshel. I simply supported the Kickstarter and enjoyed the product enough to share. All opinions are my own.


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