Play Ball

Minute Maid Park

A few weeks I went to my first Houston Astros game. Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of baseball. I don’t watch it on TV, but I always enjoy a trip to the ballpark. The crowd, the food, and the overpriced beer–it’s an awesome way to spend a summer afternoon. My entire life I’ve been a Braves’ fan. While that is still true, it was neat to check out a different park. Minute Maid Park (I get a kick out of that name) is definitely… interesting. You can see what I mean in the iPhone panorama below. 

Minute Maid Park

Click to enlarge

Note my husband’s Georgia Tech hat–only slightly out of place.

Astros Baseball

Orange and blue–just like my Auburn tigers!

Houston Minute Maid Park

Can anyone explain the train to me? We left a little early so I think we may have missed the train in action. I’m not sure what the deal is with the pumpkins?, but if you look closely you can see the conductor. Now I need to get my hands on some Texans’ tickets!


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