Real Time Photoshop

BOGGIE – NOUVEAU PARFUM (official music video) from THE SOUP on Vimeo.

Interesting video showing a real time transformation with the aid of Photoshop. Lately there has been a lot of companies and celebrities coming forward about the overuse of retouching/Photoshop. As a photographer and marketing professional, I can understand the desire to have the most perfect representation of a model in advertising. However, it is undeniable the effect all the unrealistic imagery, advertising, and television has on young women and men. Hell, I’m closer to 30 than 20 and it still gives me pause. I think the answer lies in the middle ground. Brighten colors, remove a zit, but don’t make someone completely disproportionate. What are your thoughts on the use of heavy retouching in the advertising world?

On a lighter note, 9 Unretouched Photos Of Disney Princesses That Disney Didn’t Want You To See.


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