Looking Back at 2013

Muse live

Muse Concert – one of the highlights of 2013

Biggest Transformation in 2013: Getting Married

In May I married my best friend. I know calling your significant other your “best friend” is kinda cheesy but it is what it is. We’re so similar (same birthday) and yet so different (introvert/extrovert) that we just work. We retraced the (many) random meetings that occurred before we started dating, and it seemed like the universe wanted us to be together. And now we are.

Last year felt: Like a rollercoaster

I’m pretty sure I experienced every emotion to an extreme in 2013. It was a year of incredible stress but also incredible rewards. We began the year by saving big to make our wedding and honeymoon happen. By the time we came back from honeymoon, we were completely spent and decided to coast the rest of the year.

My favorite discovery was: Tabletop games

For our birthday this year my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to two new tabletop games. It can be difficult to find good two player games. We’re also a super competitive couple so for the sake of our marriage we have to avoid games like Scrabble. We’ve been enjoying the co-op game Forbidden Island. Another fun game is 7 Wonders but it’s really better with 3+ people. Now we just gotta find friends that are willing to nerd out for a game night!

 Favorite Read: Game of Thrones

I’m sure I’ve already written about this on the blog but I’ve really been enjoying this series. It’s taking me forever to read, but I’ve read past the current season of GOT so I feel ahead of the game (of thrones, bumdumchee). If you like the series and enjoy reading, you’ll definitely like the books. The books have a lot more background and while the show does a good job, I often miss details because the dialogue is so subtle.

Favorite social media site: Pinterest

Since I was on a self-imposed spending hiatus, I got my clothing fix through pinning. For a non-fashionista like myself, it’s interesting to see what styles I’m drawn to. It’s also a great way to get out my photography gear lust, and I’ve started pinning photography inspiration as well. While I’m a fan of bookmarking and reading lists, I love the visual impact of Pinterest.

Favorite summer memory: My husband getting pooped on by a donkey

I planned on sharing this story in my honeymoon recap, but I’m so behind on that. Santorini, Greece is a chain of islands left behind from a huge volcanic eruption. Most of the structures are built high up on the cliff tops. Visitors are given the choice of taking the cable cars up or for the more adventurous, a donkey ride. Well, I’m sure you can guess the route we chose. After being placed on the smallest donkey, my husband fell behind the rest of our group on the journey up. It seems that my donkey had a bit of an upset tummy. At one point he began to spew diarrhea which landed all over the donkey behind him… which just so happened to be carrying my husband. It wasn’t so gross that it ruined our day but just gross enough to make it freaking hilarious.

My favorite purchase: LumoPro LP180 Speedlight

My favorite part of photography school was definitely the time I spent in the studio. From having an idea in my head to the execution of the shoot, I loved the challenge of creating a final image. I knew my time in school was winding down, and I wanted to keep up with my practice. Without breaking the bank and getting a full strobe setup, I knew I needed some sort of flash. I did a good amount of research and realized the Nikon speedlight was a little pricey for dipping my toes in the water. I chose the LumoPro after reading this article by David Hobby. If you’re interested in flash photography, I highly suggest reading the article and checking out the blog.

Favorite winter memory: Birthday cabin trip

After the hustle and bustle of the first half of 2013, we decided to take it easy for the remainder of the year. For our birthday, we rented a cabin in the Georgia mountains. Even though it rained the entire weekend (and the rest of 2013), we had a lovely relaxing time. We brought our dogs, played the new tabletop games, cooked our meals, and sipped wine in the hot tub. I couldn’t have asked for much more (besides some sunshine).

I was challenged by: Being spread too thin

Between working full-time, going to school at night, and planning my wedding, this chica was spent. I handle stress pretty well, in fact, it usually motivates me. However, I was just completely overloaded. My husband was busy starting a new job so most of the wedding tasks fell to me. For someone who never wanted a wedding, I felt pretty resentful for a lot of it. I should have had more faith though. The day was a beautiful one spent with family and friends. It helped make our union feel official and special. Hindsight though, I still would’ve stuck with our initial plan to elope in Vegas.

I celebrated: Finishing photography school

Over the two years I spent at the Art Institute, I grew as a photographer by leaps and bounds. I still have a long road ahead of me (that’s half the fun), but I’m proud of what I accomplished. I’m one step closer to chasing my dreams. 2014 is going to be a big year — I can just feel it.

If last year was about: chaos and change, then this year is about: peaceful transitions.

Inspiration for fill in the blank review: Kyla Roma


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