Oh Christmas Tree

Mr and Mrs 2013

Frank and I celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple.  When I was a kid my family had an artificial tree so it was pretty exciting to go the tree farm and pick out a live tree just for our home. We may have gone a little overboard as this sucker was pretty big compared to our living room. All in good fun though.

Bird with Scarf

Blue Penguin

Zoom Lights

Lights and Ornament

Snow Flake

Pink Dog

Monkey Princess

We decided to celebrate by each picking out an unusual ornament to add to the glass balls. (I feel like the glass bubbles, balls, baubles should have an official name?) I chose the cute white bird in the scarf and Frank chose the happy blue penguin. We decided to get a little dorkier and pick out an ornament for each of our dogs. Titus, my dachshund, is a boy but I figure he’s color blind anyways so he wouldn’t mind getting the pink dachshund. Shelby, the princess of our house, got the monkey ornament in honor of her absolute favorite (monkey) dog toy. Finding the Mr. and Mrs. 2013 ornament was just the icing on the cake. I hope everyone had a peaceful and happy Christmas. I’m looking forward to creating new traditions with my new husband. It adds a little magic to the season.


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