Favorite Firefox Bookmarklets

A bookmarkwhat? According to wikipedia.com, a bookmarklet is a “bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands to extend the browser’s functionality.” Basically, you find the bookmarklet button for the service you like to use and download or drag it to your bookmark bar on your browser. Voila, ready to go!

Read Later

The three bookmarklets I use constantly while browsing the web are:

  • Pinterest’s Pin It – When you are on a webpage that has something you want to pin, you simply click the Pin It button on your bookmark bar and a window pops-up. You select the image you want to use, select your Pinterest board, and add a description! Websites that are especially Pinterest friendly will auto-populate the description for you.
  • Google Bookmark – Google bookmarks are great because you can access them from anywhere. The bookmarklet works much in the same way as Pinterest’s Pin It button. You navigate to the webpage you want to bookmark and click the Bookmark button in your browser. The webpage name and URL automatically populate from the site. You can then add Labels and Notes. Labels create a menu for you to quickly navigate to certain topics. A popular label for my bookmarks is Photography. I have 341 bookmarks labeled Photography! Adding notes helps you to quickly see why you bookmarked that page. You can also use Google Bookmark’s search function to quickly find a bookmarked site.
  • Readability’s Read Later – Maybe you are perusing the web and an article catches your eye. You don’t have time just right now to read the article. Simply click the Read Later button and the article is saved in the Readability app for you to access later. Readability can be used on your desktop or through a mobile app. It can even send articles to your Kindle.

Please note that these services do require you to sign-up for a free account.

Do you have any bookmarklets that you’ve incorporated into your everyday web browsing? Any other must-have tools for the internet?


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