Best Links: Sad Dogs, Fruit Pops, and Sweater Weather

Print from our engagement shoot on my new Canon printer

Photography So You Want To Make A Professional Looking Print Photography Portfolio Great tips and resources for building your print portfolio

Thoughtful Why You Should Be Offended By The Pirating of Photoshop Most people are aware that Adobe has moved exclusively to a subscriber-based system. Moving forward you will no longer “own” a copy of Photoshop but will instead be forced to fork over dough monthly.  While I agree Adobe deserves to be paid for their hard work and superior products, I feel this move excludes the many PS users who simply aren’t professionals. Sure, a monthly fee is no big deal when its funded by your business, but when you, an amateur or student, want to use the tool you are forced to dip into your hard-earned personal funds. I’d much rather pay a lump-sum and keep using the same version for years or simply pay for upgrades.

Foodie Paleo Mango-Peach Popsicles I have seen a few popsicle recipes popping up lately and it is getting me excited for summer! When Freckled Italian posted this recipe, I figured I had to try it. I’m not on the paleo diet, but I love me some mangoes and peaches. We received an ice-cream maker as a wedding gift, so I’m looking forward to cranking that up as well. If you have any good ice cream recipes, please share them below.

Clothes/Accessories MICHAEL Michael Kors  Exclusive iPhone 5 Clutch Case A combination clutch/phone case would be perfect for summer festivals and concerts.


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