Currently: New Girl, Beer Festival, and Wedded Bliss

Feeling: Calm. I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm. While the wedding things are mostly handled (gotta get those thank you cards out!), I feel like busyness is just waiting for me over the horizon. I’m trying to enjoy this peaceful time by enjoying quality time with my husband. Still feels so strange to say/type “husband”.

Watching: New Girl. I caught up on the recent episodes and am enjoying the new turns in the show. While I love Nick and Jess, I wish Winston and Cece (aka the minority characters) were more involved in the central storyline than just little side stories. Although I have been enjoying the bits about Cece’s Hindu wedding… I can definitely relate!

Reading: A Song of Fire and Ice… currently on Game of Thrones. We haven’t started watching the second season yet so I’ve basically been reading what we’ve already watched. I like it though because while the show does a great job of following the book, I don’t do such a great job of following the show! I get a lot of the background and character development from the book.

Eating: Everything! I’m in this weird post-wedding-diet, post-honeymoon-buffet mode where I just want to eat everything because I just. don’t. care. I should care, my body is showing all the extra food, but I’m enjoying my peace time right. Wedded bliss, if you will. The elliptical will be waiting for me when I’m ready to come back.

Looking Forward To: Atlanta Summer Beer Festival! It feels so good to be going to concerts, movies and festivals again. There is life after wedding planning and I’m looking forward to soaking it all up this summer.

Making Me Happy: Being a newlywed. I still smile every time Frank calls me his wife. I feel crazy strange typing/saying my new married name as well. But that’s a topic for a different post.

Inspiration for this post: Danielle of Sometimes Sweet 


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