Best Links: Tiny Love, Panic Station, and a Unicorn

Best Photography Link Photo Challenge 1 – Seriously Fun Photography Entering a photography contest has been on my to-do list for a long time now. One day I’ll grow a pair and actually enter one. For now, I’ll just share one with all you lovely folks.

Best Humorous Link 23 Hilariously Unfortunate Ad Placements Self explanatory.

Best Thoughtful Link 60 Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile What? I’ve just got some dirt in my eye.

Best Foodie Link 50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Better Your Life In case you haven’t already heard, coconut oil is being touted as quite the super food. My people, Indians, having been using coconut oil for our hair for a long time. I’ve tried it with mixed results. I think the best course of action is rubbing a small amount into clean hair, concentrating on the ends, and then washing it out in the morning. It usually takes me two washing to get my hair looking non-oily again, but it makes for a nice monthly treatment for my normally dry hair. I’ve also started using it a facial moisturizer and have seen pretty good results.

Best Musical Link

Frank and I have finally broken our concert dry-spell… well we’ve at least made plans. To save up for our wedding/honeymoon/moving expenses, we had to cut out two of our favorite activities–concerts and movies. But during the presale, we purchased Muse tickets for their upcoming September concert. It’s a ways off, but they put on such an amazing show it is not to be missed! Believe me, if you’re a fan and have not seen one of their concerts, go NOW! It may sound cheesy, but it’s more than a concert, its an experience.

Best Clothing Link I’m not sure when unicorns made a comeback, but I’ll bet its a result of children of the 90s growing up to become forces within the working and designworld. Also, the only way I’m able to resist purchasing this is telling myself I’ll find a lovely wallet in Europe.

If these links just aren’t enough for you, check out my tumblr where I post random goodness from around the internet.


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