Currently: Tying the Knot, Greek Food, and Rock n Roll

Feeling : Waves of excitement and nervousness. Only a month until the big day and there’s still so much to do. Only a week or so before we legally tie the knot too! (We are having a Hindu ceremony in May, so we decided to take care of the legal marriage certificate beforehand.) Other than graduating college, this is the biggest day of my life so far. No pressure or anything though.

Watching  : Game of Thrones. I’m a little late to the Game of Thrones party, but I love the depth of storytelling and look forward to picking up the books at some point too. I could probably do without the random nudity and sexy scenes, but eh it seems like a show geared toward the dudes. I do love a good book series though. It makes picking out the next book so easy!

Reading : Bridesmaid Lotto. I know, go ahead and roll your eyes. I have started reading during my lunch break and have been flying through books. I like using Amazon’s cloud reader so I can just read off my computer monitor while munching at my desk. In the spirit of saving money, I’ve stuck with mostly free books so they’ve been a little light on quality, but light content is exactly what I need right now. Plus, since I’m convinced I was born without the bride gene, a little themed reading helps me get into the spirit of things.

Eating : Mediterranean food. (Maybe my stomach is just getting prepared for our upcoming Greek travels!) My favorite salad, which I eat about once a week, is the Mediterranean salad at Fresh2Order… that probably doesn’t count though. I have been loving this place in Sandy Springs called Makara’s Mediterranean. Judging by the staff, it seems pretty legit and their gryo + a greek salad = so tasty.

Looking Forward To : Getting married, of course! Although having been in the thick of planning for the past few months and still now, I have to say the thing I’m most looking forward to is our honeymoon and hopefully, afterward, some peace so we can enjoy our new place and lives as newlyweds.

Making Me Happy : Having a rock station in Atlanta again. Seriously, after Project 96.1 and 99x bit the dust, it was like silence on the radio. I’m not a big Top 40s person and the hip hop coming out lately is bleh, so I was basically stuck flipping back and forth between shitty stations and commercials. Spring and Summer just aren’t the same without good rock tunes on the radio, amirite? Long live Radio 105.7!

Inspiration for this post: Danielle of Sometimes Sweet 


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