Best Links: Mogwai, Icona Pop and a Sailboat Dress

Best Photography Link How to Perform CPR on a Drowned DSLR One of those posts where you don’t need it until you need it.

[Profanity after the jump]

Best Humorous Link

Okay, so maybe it’s more a humorous picture than link but you can click-through the image so it still counts! I imagine this is how all us 9-to-5’ers feel when you forget it’s not Friday yet… just Thursday.

Best Thoughtful Link Jeanine write a beautiful blog about her life with her new English husband. In this post she talks about mindfulness, slowing down, and how it relates to photography.

Best Foodie Link

I originally saw this on Kaelah’s blog and immediately sent it to my fiance with the note, “Found our wedding cake!” I mean, does it get better than a Gizmo cake with matching mogwai cupcakes?

Best Musical Link

I Love It – Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX

“I Love It” makes me want to jump around waving my arms erratically shouting Girl Power! A great song for spring… roll down the windows and turn it up! (You may have to click through to get the video to play… darn restricted rights!)


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