My one and only Valentine’s as a fiancee

Pandora bracelet with new dog charm

We celebrate our dating anniversary on February 2nd. I arbitrarily picked this date because it’s close to when we started dating, and it’s Groundhog’s Day which makes it easier to remember? Anyways, because of it’s close proximity to Valentine’s Day we usually prefer to celebrate our anniversary, exchange presents and sentiments of love on February 2nd rather than wait until the entire world (USA?) is celebrating. We prefer things our way. 🙂

With our extremely busy schedules, it looked like we’d simply pass over Valentine’s Day this year rather than add any stress to any already super stressful time. (Wedding planning–I megaloathe you!) But I didn’t want our last Valentine’s Day before we’re married (and the only one as an engaged couple) to pass without any token of love. Even though I told Frank no presents, I couldn’t resist and got him a Saddleback leather wallet. I already spilled the beans (can’t keep surprises!) on his wedding gift, a Saddleback leather briefcase, and I thought this may help him (im)patiently wait until he receives it. Not to be outdone, my boo gave me a cute little dog charm from Pandora and a safety chain since my bracelet (finally) is filling up! The dog charm even resembles his lab mix, Shelby! Adorable. It’s definitely a special piece of jewelry for me as we’ve been able to slowly add charms for special occasions and just-becauses. So each and every charm represents something special to me. Yesterday we e enjoyed each other’s company over some tasty (non-fried, go us!) sushi and finished with cheesecake tempura a la mode… delicious!


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