Inside the Hangars

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tour the hangars of a major commercial airline which I’m sure you can figure out from the pictures. It was like entering into a world of giants. The parts, planes, and structures are enormous from the tires to the bolts. The green and yellow structure pictured above reminded me of something out of the Aliens movies. It was inspiring to see the large number of employees there all working with their hands or building models on computers. In a previous life I worked for a dot com that served the manufacturing industry. They say it is a dying industry in America, but I think our generation has the opportunity to revive it. I don’t believe we were all meant to spend forty hours a week sitting in cubicles hidden behind our computer monitors. It also made me thankful for all the hard work that goes into keeping our planes safely in the air. Next time you fly into Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport, remember to say a silent thank you to the people behind the scenes. If you’d like to see more hangar photos, hop on over to Google+.


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